Milispec offers a wide range of laboratory systems, sampling products, test equipment and training programs for staff using our solutions.

With the focus on autonomous field testing, test equipment is tailor made in a hand portable format trunks or on location deployable ISO-container laboratories.
Some test kits have become standard Milispec Test kits for Diesel, Kerosene (Jet-A1 or JP-8, F-34) and are already in use by a number of MOD’s.

Test kits are developed on basis of customer necessary tests to be performed in the field according to international methods at time of handling as described in STANAG’s
The kits are assembled with the latest test technologies available which have proven their functionality during field operations and simulated situations.

We call our test kits “Dynamic Innovative solutions” because of continuously changing technologies in both methods as making products more compact, read portable.
Our aim is to standardise testing methods within NATO to make comparison of analytical results between nations more easy.
Simplifying tests to be performed by non-chemical trained staff is another goal we pursuit.

For land based fuel storage and drinking water distribution the micro-biological stability has become an important parameter to control.
Milispec offers standard testing methods for micro-biological testing of liquids based on cultivation methods and 2nd Gen. ATP technology for rapid testing.
See our chapter Luminultra to learn more about this new portable testing method.

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