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Microbiological Testkit

A micro-biological contamination in your product? We are able to tell you in minutes!
Milispec International has grown its expertise on detection methods of micro-organisms in water, fuel and other process fluids. Next to the familiar cultivation methods like Easicult Combi ® dipslides, which gives you information on different types of growth in your product after days or weeks, Milispec has become the official distributor for Luminultra’s ®2nd generation ATP tests.

This 2nd generation rapid-test is not only suitable for testing water, but also for many other fluids like (bio)diesel, kerosene and metalworking fluids.

The measurement is more reliable, is not influenced by free ATP from dead cells. Using the special developed free software, measuring ATP has become a piece of cake and can be performed by staff with no specific chemical background.

Using the further developed Lumicalc ®Licenced Software, more advanced functionality can be used for trend monitoring, graphics, extended data storage and data sharing options.

Due to co-development with NATO allies, a portable test kit has been developed which apart from Military out-of-area Operations can be used by Tank and Ship Surveyors, the Offshore and Shipping Industry, Water and petrochemical laboratories and process Industry. It is the only test method with verification and validation steps and is supplied with reagents which do not necessarily have to be frozen or cooled during transport and storage.

Within minutes you have quantified information on microbiological growth.
Do you have a problem at THIS MOMENT or not?

Other methods give answers in 3 days days if not weeks.

Current approved ASTM Methods:
ASTM E 2694, ATP in water miscible metalworking fluids
ASTM D 7687, ATP in Fuel, fuel/water mixtures after filtration.

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