About us

Who We Are

Since 2001, when Milispec International was founded by John van der Hoeven, it is growing as a supplier of speciality oils, lubricants and portable tests and analysing equipment.

With the heart in the Netherlands, Milispec International is proud to supply NATO approved oils, lubricants and analysing equipment across the European Union.

In compliance with  our corporate values of Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Partnership, our goal is to offer each of our customers the best possible products and service.

Quality | Reliability | Innovation | Partnership


Milispec International is a company dedicated to the delivery of quality goods and services.
Our products meet the highest standards customary to military use and other severe operating conditions like aerospace and the off shore industry. In order to maintain and guarantee the quality level of our products we only use ISO-accredited laboratories and production facilities.
Our portable sampling and analysing kits for fuel and oil quality testing in the field have proven to be durable and easy to use.


Doing business with Milispec International means doing business with a reliable partner.
Milispec products are key in the proper operation and maintenance of a wide variety of equipment and systems;
without these consumables they will eventually fail in their performance.
At Milispec International we understand our customers’ dependency on our products and we make sure they are at the right location, at the right time and in the right quantities with complementary training and advice if required.


We dedicate ourselves to generating new and innovative concepts and products. We combine our own creative concepts with new technologies and products available on the market in order to stay ahead of the changing demands of our customers.


At Milispec International we believe in the power of partnerships. By interacting with our customers and suppliers we build long lasting relationships and generate solutions which will benefit everyone. Milispec International has a strong network of manufacturers and scientific institutes which allow us to offer dedicated solutions instead of just delivering products.