As our company name may reveal, Milispec International is specialized in specified products for Homeland Security and the Defence Industry.
Being an Independent company we offer a wide spectrum of Military standardized consumables like lubricants, cleaners, paints and adhesives approved on Military specifications like NATO STANAGs, MIL-Spec, BS, TL, DefStan, PVE and OEM specifications like Boeing, Airbus, GE, Sneckma and others.

Another field of expertise is Fuel and Fuel related products.
We have different product ranges for the Defence market

Wapen Onderhoud

Maintenance products for  firearms.

Milispec International offers maintenance concepts for professional firearms according to the latest NATO specifications and directives. During the Shooting Sport Information Weekend SIW 2002 in The Netherlands in November 2002, a number of professional products have been launched into the Dutch market for hobby, hunting and sports gunmen.

This weapon oil has been standardised within NATO for cleaning, lubrication and conservation of all calibre firearms.
S-761 is a fully synthetic product that contains no solvents or solids like PTFE. The product does not have an irritating odour and does not become ‘tacky’ during periods of storage of the weapons.


These are the products we started our company with more then 12,5 years ago and which is still our core business; Lubricants approved on Military Specifications.
Today we are the company able to supply any military approved lubricant for any vehicle, aircraft, naval vessel or installation.
This is only possible by not being limited to one single brand. We make a pre-selection of products from top-brand manufacturers around the world based on performance, availability and price.

As a specialist partner of the Lubricant OEM’s we have been granted many public tenders to Ministries of Defence but are also able to supply small quantities of niche products in customer required packaging size and oil proof customised labels accordingly.

Fuel storage & handling

With many years of experience Milispec International is able to deliver fuel installation and distribution projects for static or mobile installations.

As an independent fuel quality specialist we are capable of providing complete or partial fuel farms which meet international and military specifications. Our solutions may include flexible fuel storage containers, filter and water separator solutions, piping, hoses, couplings, fuel and de-fuel installations.
We work with reliable partners bringing the best solution tailored to the local situation and circumstances.

Fuel sampling & analising

Milispec has developed portable test kits to determine the quality of oil, petrol, kerosene and diesel type fuels.

The test kits contain materials to obtain samples from bulk installations and are developed to be used under harsh conditions like military operations and offshore.

Test kits are tailor made and may consist of physical characteristics tests and pollution tests up to rapid micro-biological contamination tests for quality assurance and monitoring purposes.
Apart from portable kits we also provide fully equipped fuel laboratory containers.