When it comes to niche markets, Milispec is building strong relationships with large industry partners varying from steel production, the public transport sector, vehicle and ship manufacturers as well as the food and beverage industry.
Milispec represents a number of A-class maintenance product manufacturers chosen by us to meet the high Milispec Quality Standards based on our customer requirements.
Our quality management system encourages manufacturers to improve their performance continuously through receipt of a Milispec performance report every year based on our ISO 9001 quality management system.


Milispec International is proud to be one of the first large export partners for Addinol Lube Oil GmbH based in Germany.

Addinol has a complete range of lubricants for Industry, Automotive, Marine, Food industry, but also offers speciality lubricants that big well known oil companies do not offer. Addinol is a medium sized German Oil manufacturer with one of the most modern oil blending plants at this moment. Addinol has invested the recent decade in many OEM approvals in the automotive branch and worked closely together with German car manufacturers like, VW/Audi (VAG), BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Opel to meet their latest specifications.

Another major investment was put in Heat/Power generator approvals like Jenbacher, MAN, MWM and MTU. Some of the OEM test programs for the approvals took place in coordination with Milispec in The Netherlands. With rapid oil monitoring services and tailored advise we are able to extend oil service intervals with many more hours compared to other brands. How many hours more will be stated on the oil test reports we supply per e-mail at a regular interval.

Next to Engine approvals Addinol is often able to be one of the few or only companies to lubricate German manufactured industrial production units for 100% percent with OEM approved products. A good example are the Film Stretching machines from the company Brückner.

Addinol Special Line products have certain advantages and should certainly be considered in the next applications: Heat/Power generation, Wind Mill gear boxes, Heavy-load cranes, Mining, Food and Beverage industry, Military applications, Old Timer engine and gear oils, German industrial machinery.

Addinol has developed a special tool to find the right product for your application called Oil Finder.

Shell Lubricants & Fuels

Milispec distributes Shell lubricants for many types of industries.
Shell offers product ranges for Industry, Automotive, Marine and Aviation and is able to cover a wide range of applications. Milispec is one of the few companies able to offer the full range of products. The independency of our company and our high service level makes our company unique selling the complete portfolio of Shell lubricants at very competitive prices.

Milispec has the possibilities to deliver Shell products in bulk trucks, barrels, pails, cans and cartridges, and is able to repack to customer required packaging sizes for special applications. The Shell portfolio is part of our One-Stop-Shop program for companies who are interested in outsourcing the lubricants and maintenance business to a reliable partner.


Guaranteeing the safety of your personnel is an important task. Milispec has a wide range of special safety equipment and has the knowledge to help you with choosing the right products to guarantee the safety that you need. Because we are not limited to a single brand we can offer you the best from every brand to fulfil your requirements.

Our wide range of safety equipment consists of safety glasses, hearing protection, head protection, working clothes, first aid kits, gas detection equipment, absorption materials and many more.

Please feel free to contact us for all your questions regarding safety and safety equipment.